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Are You Asking Your Old Dog Of A Website To Learn New Tricks?

Are You Asking Your Old Dog Of A Website To Learn New Tricks?

Wow, the web world changes fast.

A few years ago (or maybe more than a few?) you purchased a website for your HVAC business.  “My company is on the web” you thought, “My work is done!”

Um, well, not really.  Just like computers, cars, sneakers, and furnaces, websites need to be replaced every so often.  The technology that builds websites ages and becomes out of date.  This limits your ability to sell to, earn, and keep customers online.

So how do you know if your HVAC website is outdated?Read On!

Is Direct Mail Still A Thing?

Direct Mail: Reports of its Death Were Greatly Exaggerated

Contrary to recent buzz, direct mail is still an excellent option for promoting your services to existing and prospective customers.  Done well, direct mail can be very effective, especially when paired with your other marketing initiatives.  Think about it: in this day and age, we are all bombarded by many different forms of digital advertising, all day long.  Nationwide, heck, worldwide, company advertising budgets have shifted away from the traditional forms of marketing (direct mail, newspaper, TV, radio, etc.) to internet marketing. It’s literally everywhere! This gives good old direct mail a bit of an unexpected advantage, in that it stands out from all that digital clutter. … Read On!

HVAC Marketing Ethics and COVID-19

HVAC Marketing Ethics and COVID-19

Don’t Sell.  Educate.

“Should I advertise my company during the pandemic?”

“This is a health crisis, not a marketing opportunity.”

“Is it ethical to promote IAQ equipment to homeowners during the coronavirus crisis?”

“Using homeowner’s fears to sell them isn’t right!”

These are just some of the questions and comments we are seeing HVAC contractors posting on social media.  All are valid points and concerns.

On the one hand we see some contractors taking the stance that promoting IAQ right now is unethical.  Some are even blasting their competition for taking advantage of customers by “preying on their fears” or “selling them false hope” in the form of IAQ equipment that hasn’t been tested against COVID-19 yet.… Read On!

Coronavirus: How Your HVAC Company Responds Matters

Coronavirus and HVAC  

How Your Company Responds Matters

Interesting times, aren’t they?  Coronavirus is here and we’re all being asked to practice “social distancing,” and work from home. Easy to do when you’re an accountant, but we all know HVAC is a little harder to do from your couch. We’re watching our schools and local restaurants close down, public gatherings banned, and big HVAC industry events canceled, one after another. We’re also seeing a lot of chatter on social media about what it all means for your family’s health, and the health your HVAC businesses. Techs are getting sick. Staff need to stay home with their kids.… Read On!

HVAC Dealers Can’t Afford To Be Anti-Social

HVAC Dealers Can’t Afford To Be Anti-Social

Social media is now a must-have in HVAC marketing

Maybe you’ve been dragging your feet.  Maybe you think you don’t have the time. But here’s the thing, HVAC brothers and sisters, you have to be on social media.  I know, I know.  You’ve been in business a thousand years.  You have a stellar company.  Your customers LOVE you.  You’ve never needed social media before.

But it’s time to rethink all that.  Because social media is a powerful – and necessary – tool in HVAC marketing.  There are currently 2.3 billion Facebook users, and some of them are local, potential customers of yours.… Read On!

Resolution Execution

Resolution Execution

Resolve to make a marketing plan for your HVAC company.

We’re well into the first quarter.  Raise your hand if you’ve already skipped a day at the gym.  Or ate the chocolate.  Or forgot to call your Mom.  And you didn’t really want to give up that nightly glass of wine anyway, did you?

Resolutions are a good way to bid farewell to the holiday calories and overspending and kick start the new year.  But this year, why not make a resolution that you can keep?  What if you decide that this is the year to grow your HVAC business? … Read On!

Keep ’em happy

HVAC Happy Calls

It’s Friday morning.  You grab your second cup of coffee of the day and sit down to make a “happy call” to Mrs. Jones, the elderly customer you just installed a new ductless system for.  “How’s it going with the new system?” you ask her.

“Well, actually it’s not working right.”  She tells you.  You’re surprised to hear this, so you ask her a few questions and it turns out she’s just a bit confused by the remote.  But she didn’t want to call.  She didn’t want to be a bother.  And she admits she’s a little embarrassed that she can’t see the buttons well and figure out all this newfangled technology. … Read On!

Don’t Sell Ductless

Don’t Sell Ductless!


I know dozens of contractors making millions of dollars selling ductless mini-split installations.

But that doesn’t mean you have to. Maybe you have enough money already. Maybe you don’t want to grow. I know plenty of guys like that too, which is perfectly fine. (And it’s better for us guys who do want to sell more ductless.)


A Profitable Mini-Split Installation Business Needs a System.

Ductless mini-split installation becomes very profitable when you have a system. When you systematize your ductless business from front to back, sales, marketing and installation. But we all know systemization takes time and effort, so you might as well put it off for another season.… Read On!

New Book on HVAC Marketing!

New Guide to HVAC Marketing Now Available

From author Elaina Burdick Wellstead

What if you could learn to stop marketing your HVAC business in a reactive way (meaning: with knee jerk decisions)?  And what if you could discover how to effectively promote your company in 7 simple, easy-to-follow steps?

If you’re an HVAC dealer who is tired of spending marketing dollars in all the wrong places, with poor ROI and few leads, then you’ll want to grab a cuppa joe and my new book:

Marketing Schmarketing: How to Market Your HVAC Business

Most contractors can fix a furnace with their hands tied behind their backs, but let’s face it – many of you struggle with how to properly market your companies. … Read On!

Have a FER-tastic Fall!

Have a FER-tastic Fall!

After the July fireworks, HVAC contractors went back to work with a new standard in place.  The Department of Energy’s FER (Fan Energy Rating) standard went into effect on July 3rd.

So how will you market these higher priced products to homeowners who are already gripping about system costs?

You get out ahead of it!

How do you do that?  You educate.

Education is how you differentiate yourself from the pack.

And the FER standard gives you a golden opportunity to enlighten your customers on what this new Federal law means to them in terms of efficiency. … Read On!