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Setting Your Marketing Goals – HVAC Podcast

Check out this HVAC Podcast featuring EB&L Marketing!

Have you set your goals for 2019? President of EB&L Marketing, Elaina Burdick, sat down with host Matt LaPan and Marketing Manager Jill Waters from S. G. Torrice Company to discuss setting marketing goals in this episode of Torrice Talk. Take a few minutes to listen.  There’s some good stuff in here!

Listen Now:
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The Worst and the Best Companies

The Worst and the Best Companies

According to an American Management Service, Inc. survey compilation,

  • Family businesses comprise 90 percent of all business enterprises in North America.
  • Only 30% of family owned businesses survive to the second generation, 12% to the third, and 3% to the fourth.
  • Of CEOs due to retire within 5 years, 55% have not yet chosen their replacement.

According to my experience, the best companies I know are family businesses and the worst companies are family businesses.  When it works, you have aligned team members building on solid, functional, trusting relationships.  Communication is streamlined.  And there is the pride of creating a legacy of opportunity and wealth.… Read On!

Make a List. Check it Twice.

Make a List.  Check it Twice.

Your end of year marketing checklist.

It’s December and you’re busy with your end of year planning, holiday staff parties and buttoning up your books.  Figuring out who’s been naughty.  Who’s been nice.  But while you’re scurrying around like the Grinch on Christmas morning, make sure you set aside a few hours to review your marketing for the past year.

Pull out your 2018 marketing plan. 

A solid marketing plan will include your business goals, the items and actions needed to achieve your goals, a calendar and a budget.  Review your 2018 plan.

Did you cross off all the marketing initiatives on your list?Read On!



It doesn’t work and also it does work.

People will tell you that SEO is the greatest thing since sliced cinnamon raisin bread. People will also tell you SEO doesn’t work.  It’s a waste of time and money.  They are both right.  It does and doesn’t work and it’s constantly changing.

Ten years ago, when SEO “worked” you could throw money at a website until it showed up first in search results.  Everyone clicked on your site and you made oodles of money.  That doesn’t work anymore.

In the meantime, as we were all getting on the SEO bandwagon, web design evolved. … Read On!

WTF are #Hashtags?

WTF are #Hashtags?

At some point you’ve probably asked yourself, what the heck are hashtags? Or maybe, why would I need to use them as an HVAC company?

Well here’s a few reasons:

Hashtags are used like a search engine or a catalog on social media platforms, so they are helpful when users are looking for posts about the same thing. For example, if I wanted to see posts about #HVACLife, I can search specifically for that hashtag and I will find thousands of images that relate to that hashtag.

People typically perform searches using hashtags in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.… Read On!

Check out this HVAC Podcast featuring EB&L Marketing

Check out this HVAC Podcast featuring EB&L Marketing!

It was an honor – and also a blast! – to be the guest HVAC marketing expert on Torrice Talk this week.  I sat down with  Host Matt LaPan and Marketing Manager Jill Waters from S. G. Torrice Company to discuss using co-op dollars effectively – and how not to waste them.  Take a few minutes to listen.  There’s some good stuff in here!

Listen Now:
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HVAC and Hairspray

HVAC and Hairspray

I thought about you, my beloved HVAC Contractors, while buying hair spray this weekend. No, seriously. Hear me out. Here’s the story:

We were in a hurry to get to an event, so my partner and I ripped our list in half at the grocery store entrance and headed off in different directions. I had written down “hairspray” on what ended up being on Marc’s half of the list. Since Marc has little experience with women’s haircare products, and little hair himself, he was a bit lost. As I zipped past him in the pasta aisle he asked, “What brand of hairspray did you want?”

Geez, I thought, I can’t remember what brand it is.… Read On!

Too busy to breathe? It’s the perfect time to advertise!

Too busy to breathe? It’s the perfect time to advertise!

I know, I know.  You’re busy.  You can barely keep up.  Why in the world would you do any marketing NOW?!?  Let me answer that question with a question:  Why do you get up at 4am to go fishing?  Answer:  Because that’s when they’re biting.

If this is the year you’ve decided to seriously build up your customer base, plan to advertise in season.  Why?

Because HVAC is not sexy, folks.  Homeowners don’t want to think about you – unless they’re too hot, too cold, or something is broken.  And that happens…you guessed it… in season.Read On!

Organic Social Media Reach is Dead but Still Here

Organic Social Media Reach is Dead but Still Here

Like zombies, mullets and clove cigarettes organic reach is dead, but still here.  Actually, it’s most like zombies because if you don’t pay attention to it you might get bit.

We all read the HVAC marketing articles and listen to the industry experts.  The message is “you MUST be on social media.”  Get on facebook! Tweet the things! Post the stuff!  But why spend the time? Someone a little less practical will tell you that your social media efforts will create organic reach and create leads.  But here’s the truth:  It won’t. … Read On!

HVAC Marketing’s Low Hanging Fruit

Existing Customers are the LHF!

Existing customers are the low hanging fruit, folks.  They’re the easiest people to market to, they’re the cheapest people to market to and you’ll receive the best return from marketing to them.

Roughly 80% of your business will come from existing customers.  You’ll spend the majority of your marketing dollars trying to capture that other 20%.

So why do we overlook existing customers?  Often, one of our HVAC marketing specialists will sit down to do a marketing consultation with a 2nd or 3rd generation contractor and learn that they have 20,000 or 30,000 customers in their database – and they’ve never reached out to these customers.… Read On!

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