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Keep ’em happy

HVAC Happy Calls

It’s Friday morning.  You grab your second cup of coffee of the day and sit down to make a “happy call” to Mrs. Jones, the elderly customer you just installed a new ductless system for.  “How’s it going with the new system?” you ask her.

“Well, actually it’s not working right.”  She tells you.  You’re surprised to hear this, so you ask her a few questions and it turns out she’s just a bit confused by the remote.  But she didn’t want to call.  She didn’t want to be a bother.  And she admits she’s a little embarrassed that she can’t see the buttons well and figure out all this newfangled technology. … Read On!

Staff Sabatoge

Staff Sabatoge

Your marketing is only as good as your people.  The most creative, eye-catching and compelling HVAC marketing campaign can fall flat on its face at your front door, if your staff isn’t aware of the details.  Trust me on this.  I’ve watched it happen more times than I can say.

Case in point:  an established and successful HVAC dealer we worked with for many years told me that the latest postcards we had created for him didn’t work.  He didn’t get nearly as many leads in the weeks after we mailed his cards as he used to.  And he was upset. … Read On!