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Resolution Execution

Resolution Execution

Resolve to make a marketing plan for your HVAC company.

We’re well into the first quarter.  Raise your hand if you’ve already skipped a day at the gym.  Or ate the chocolate.  Or forgot to call your Mom.  And you didn’t really want to give up that nightly glass of wine anyway, did you?

Resolutions are a good way to bid farewell to the holiday calories and overspending and kick start the new year.  But this year, why not make a resolution that you can keep?  What if you decide that this is the year to grow your HVAC business? … Read On!

Use your Dang Co-op, Already!

Use your Dang Co-op, Already!

It happens every year.

During the first week of December, frazzled HVAC contractors ring our office phones off the hook and tell us some version of this: “My distributor rep stopped by today and reminded me that I have umpteen thousand dollars in my co-op/accrual account and I have to use it up before year-end! I need to spend all my co-op money RIGHT NOW, or I’ll lose it!”

My staff jokingly refers to this as the December Dump. And we can all agree it’s a less than ideal situation.

Here’s why: You’re going to drop a boatload of money into your local marketplace (by sending out postcards, or emails or digital ads, etc.) right when homeowners’ mailboxes are stuffed to the gills with holiday flyers.… Read On!

Marketing Whack-A-Mole

Marketing Whack-A-Mole

Did you find yourself rushing to use up marketing co-op dollars this past December? (Be honest, there’s no judgment here!) Did you spend those dollars on things like hats and T-shirts for your staff instead of spending them on marketing initiatives that would have brought you leads in the new year? Or worse, did you lose those dollars because you got busy and didn’t have time to get ‘er done?

We see a lot of “reactive marketing” in this industry. Meaning, we see contractors jumping at marketing “opportunities” that present themselves, or special deals that the radio rep stops by to sell them.… Read On!

HVAC Marketing 101: Use Your Head, Not Your Knee

HVAC Marketing 101:Use Your Head, Not Your Knee

HVAC marketing works best when it’s proactive, strategic and repetitive.

Are you a “reactive marketer?” Let me ask you a few questions to find out…

  • Are you operating without an annual marketing plan?
  • Ever place an ad in the local paper because your competitor did?
  • Purchased a radio advertising campaign or a billboard because the rep had a super great deal that she could only offer you today?
  • Have you ever rushed to use up co-op funds before year end?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you, my friend, are doing reactive, knee-jerk marketing.… Read On!