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HVAC at the Home Show

HVAC at the Home Show

Home shows are everywhere this time of year. 

Home shows can increase brand awareness and be a source of solid leads for your HVAC company.  They can also be a major time burner and expensive.  So make sure you are getting your money’s worth.  The idea is to look sharp and professional.  Friendly and approachable.  Interesting and enticing.  A tall order, to be sure.  Here are a few tips:

Advertise in advance.

Let your customers know that you’ll be exhibiting and offer a gift, discounted HVAC service or special drawing for those who stop by to see you.  You want a booth that has activity.  Just like you want to eat at a restaurant with a lot of cars.  A restaurant with an empty parking lot is never a good sign, right?  When you email or mail a postcard to your customers remind them it’s time to get their clean and check and let them know you’ll be at the show.

Use professional display banners.

Get yourself some retractable banner stands with professionally designed graphics.  These are not overly expensive items, folks.  They provide a nice backdrop for your booth and, in most cases, you can change out the graphics and use the same stand over again.  It’s a good investment.  (NOTE:  if you find yourself in early December with co-op or accrual funds left, and you need to spend them before Dec 31st, this is a good use of those funds!!!) 

Collect customer contact data.

You want their name, address, phone and email address.  If you can’t get all of it, at the very least, make sure to get a name and email address.  These are people you are going to market to, so find a way to get them in your database.  Hold a contest, or raffle off a free clean and check.  Hand them a tablet or an iPad and let them fill out their information in order to be entered.  Do it all with a smile.

Prepare your staff ahead of time.

Make sure your expectations for your booth staff are clear. Anyone working the booth should look clean, professional, well-rested, approachable and friendly.  If someone shows up in yesterday’s wrinkled shirt, with bedhead and an attitude, show them the door.

Ditch the chairs.

Most home shows will provide your booth with 2 chairs.  Get rid of them.  Everyone needs to be alert, approachable and standing up.  And it goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway, no cell phones in the booth.  It’s too tempting to shoot off that text and miss the chance to make eye contact with a new prospect.  Eyes should be forward, not staring at your phone.

Follow up.

Contact these folks before they get back to their lives and forget all about the event.  Send everyone an email and call the hottest leads right away.

Remember why you came.

You’re there to build brand awareness and collect leads.  Keep your eye on the prize.

Need help with your home show marketing materials (banner stands, brochures, hand outs, etc.) or strategy?  Give us a call at 315.685.9500.  We love to talk shop!



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