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Press Release: EB&L Ed


EB&L Marketing, a full-service HVAC marketing firm, is pleased to announce the launch of their new training division, EB&L Educates.  “EB&L Ed” provides speakers, workshops and classes on HVAC contractor marketing.

“Residential contractors – with their limited time and marketing training – need help to effectively promote their companies.  The courses offered by EB&L Ed teach contractors the fundamentals of marketing – breaking it down into 7 easy steps,” says Elaina Burdick, President of EB&L.

Since 2001, EB&L Marketing has been working with local contractors to effectively market their businesses, generate leads and grow their bottom line by building their brand and avoiding common marketing missteps.  “Contractors are the hardest working, most technically adept folks I’ve ever known, but they’re typically not marketing experts.  They truly appreciate the marketing guidance we give them when we consult with them. So EB&L Ed is just a natural extension of what we’ve been providing all along.”

The types of education EB&L Ed provides can be applied to 1-man start-ups as well as large, multi-vehicle dealerships.

Marketing classes have also been developed for Distributor Territory Managers.  “We’re not attempting to turn TMs into marketing experts,” says Burdick.  “But we want them to have an understanding of the appropriate ways to market an HVAC company, feel comfortable answering their dealer’s questions, and helping them make solid marketing decisions.”

EB&L Ed recently launched a blog and resource page, EB&L Edition, offering tips and articles on HVAC marketing.  To sign up for EB&L Edition updates click here:

Contractor and TM course descriptions and booking information can be found at:

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