Wanted you to know that we got some immediate response for today's e-mail blast. At this rate with a response coming every hour, we are expecting to have about 20 leads by morning.

Jeff Hallagan: E&V Energy

I’m sure you heard but we received the M.O.E this year. I feel that this is due in large part from all the great people we are connected with. We would not have ever received or even been recognized for such an award had it not been for EB&L. You and your group have done a tremendous job making CoolAir stand out and be noticed.

Bill Guptill: Cool Air Company

When I started my marketing position with Carrier Northeast in 2009, Elaina requested a meeting with me to present the services that EB&L provides to HVAC dealers. I was a bit skeptical and thought, “Here we go; another factory-approved vendor that was anointed by the ivory tower. Bet they won’t be able to cut it with our tough customers.” Well, my skepticism was quickly put to rest. Elaina and her team deliver a suite of integrated marketing solutions including newsletters, web, direct mail and incentives. All are painless and affordable for dealers to implement. While I hate buzzwords, I love the “turnkey” nature of EB&L’s marketing services and their relevance to the HVAC trade. But where I rely upon EB&L the most is in developing custom-built marketing plans for our most marketing-savvy dealers. The team at EB&L makes marketing fun and easy. All initiatives start with a business objective and end with a measurable tracking mechanism. (Yes they actually deliver results.) And in the middle? Compelling creative that gets dealers excited about their marketing, pulls homeowners in, and gets the phones ringing. Whether you are a distributor or a dealer, EB&L makes your life easier and your marketing dollars vastly more productive. Please do not call them because I want them all to myself.

Mike Dziok: Director of Marketing, Northeast Region Carrier Enterprise

We really consider EB&L Marketing to be a part of the Morris team. Unlike some agencies, EB&L truly understands the HVAC industry. I can call Molly on a Monday afternoon, tell her I need 4 ads, all with different messages, different sizes, some full color, some black and white, and ask her to pull these together in record time…She hasn’t let me down yet. She’s never rattled by last minute requests, she’s excellent at brainstorming and really able to handle all of our marketing needs from full-page glossy ads, signage, and vehicle wraps to simple post cards. Molly is my go to person when I need something done yesterday and with EB&L’s help we have been able to present a more polished, professional image to our residential and commercial customers. Thank you Molly and the entire EB&L team.

Betsy M. Quinn: Marketing Manager, Morris Heating & Air Conditioning

Our business needed a marketing overhaul. We had an outdated and pathetic website and a weak brand. The only thing that kept us going was our reputation. Through EB&L’s planning and creative strategy we now have a brand that is recognizable to our customers and sets us apart from our competition. Elaina and her team took the time to learn about our company, and developed a plan to promote business and grow as a company. EB&L made our new website graphically dynamic and easy to navigate. It shows a clear representation of our brand, who we are as a company, and what we have to offer. We can’t thank Elaina and her team enough for all of the hard work and dedication they put forth to help our business grow. We look forward to continue building a great relationship with them for many years to come.

Jared Bailey: Hal Fish Heating & A/C

You guys have a great thing going with the way you market HVAC. There are other firms out there but none that gets the big picture and where you get the attention that you guys give. You guys aren’t trying to push anything specific, just results.

Kevin Dickson: Energy Services, Naperville IL