Want to take your HVAC business to the next level?
    Custom marketing plans help well established dealers who want a more custom look and feel for their advertising. An EB&L marketing expert will meet with you and take you through a 7 step process to determine your specific marketing needs and goals.
    These consultations include a meeting with an EB&L marketing specialist (in person or via Skype), a custom written plan, implementation of the plan, and monthly analytic reporting and call tracking.
Make the Appointment
Ask Your TM to schedule an appointment for a marketing consultation for your company.
7 Steps to HVAC Advertising
Meet with EB&L to walk through the 7 steps and discuss how they apply specifically to your company.
The Plan
EB&L then takes the meeting notes, does some research and brainstorming and creates a marketing plan that is custom built for your business.
This research may include reviewing your past advertising, pulling demographic information on your target areas and customers, looking at your competitors, gathering pricing from suppliers and many other factors.
(This takes about 2-3 weeks.)
Your plan is presented and reviewed with you. Any edits or changes that you request are made. A final copy and calendar is supplied.
Your marketing begins and analytics are gathered through your website and call tracking. These results are reviewed throughout the year and adjustments can be made as necessary.