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HVAC vs. The Internet

The internet is really good at making you a liar

Ah, the internet.  What a wonderous tool to help you grow your HVAC company.  What a confusing, royal pain in the rear it is. Just when you think you have a handle on how it works, it changes.  Just when you think your website is perfect, it needs an update.  Or something is no longer compatible.  Or JavaScript rolls out an update and suddenly things look wonky on your site.

Trying to predict the frequent shifts in what Google considers “best practices” is like trying to predict the stock market.  Grasping all the different platforms, functions, strategies and rankings is like hanging on to a wiggly 2-year old. … Read On!

HVAC at the Home Show

HVAC at the Home Show

Home shows are everywhere this time of year. 

Home shows can increase brand awareness and be a source of solid leads for your HVAC company.  They can also be a major time burner and expensive.  So make sure you are getting your money’s worth.  The idea is to look sharp and professional.  Friendly and approachable.  Interesting and enticing.  A tall order, to be sure.  Here are a few tips:

Advertise in advance.

Let your customers know that you’ll be exhibiting and offer a gift, discounted HVAC service or special drawing for those who stop by to see you. … Read On!

Staff Sabatoge

Staff Sabatoge

Your marketing is only as good as your people.  The most creative, eye-catching and compelling HVAC marketing campaign can fall flat on its face at your front door, if your staff isn’t aware of the details.  Trust me on this.  I’ve watched it happen more times than I can say.

Case in point:  an established and successful HVAC dealer we worked with for many years told me that the latest postcards we had created for him didn’t work.  He didn’t get nearly as many leads in the weeks after we mailed his cards as he used to.  And he was upset. … Read On!

Building an HVAC Maintenance Program: Win-Win-Win

Building an HVAC Maintenance Program: Win-Win-Win

Guest Blogger: Luke Weiden

Let’s set the record straight — Selling maintenance programs is not an overnight success.  It takes time, dedication and believing in the system!  We have been focused on it for 12 years and still aren’t done perfecting it.  We’ve tried just about everything throughout the years, and we have learned what works and what doesn’t work. No matter what anyone will tell you, it all comes down to the culture.  Everyone from the owner to the kid sweeping the shop needs to be informed about the program and how it works. … Read On!

HVAC Blogging Basics

HVAC Blogging Basics

Should you add a blog to your HVAC website?  Of course you should!  The benefits of a blog are bountiful.  From improving your website’s organic reach, to positioning you as an expert, a blog is an HVAC dealer’s new BFF.

So what is a blog exactly? 

It’s a website that focuses on written content, or articles. A blog falls under the category of “inbound marketing,” which is a fancy way to say marketing that uses content, or articles, to draw customers in.


Think of it this way: direct mail is an outward push.  You’re sending out mail that essentially pushes your products and services on homeowners. … Read On!

Win a Free HVAC Marketing Consultation and Marketing Plan!

Win a Free HVAC Marketing Consultation and Marketing Plan!

It’s the perfect time of year to get your HVAC company’s marketing plan together–and EB&L wants to help! Enter our drawing for a Free Marketing Consultation and Marketing Plan.  (A $700 value!)

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Setting Your Marketing Goals – HVAC Podcast

Check out this HVAC Podcast featuring EB&L Marketing!

Have you set your goals for 2019? President of EB&L Marketing, Elaina Burdick, sat down with host Matt LaPan and Marketing Manager Jill Waters from S. G. Torrice Company to discuss setting marketing goals in this episode of Torrice Talk. Take a few minutes to listen.  There’s some good stuff in here!

Listen Now:
Subscribe:…/torrice-talk-torric…/id1436034922Read On!

After Hours at EB&L

After Hours at EB&L

We love to get out of the office and see our clients face to face at industry events and distributor meetings.  It’s always so nice to put a name with a face.  We thought that you might like to meet us too. Get to know our stories.  So we’ll be highlighting an EB&L staff member from time to time on our blog.


Introducing Jeannie Steinbuch, Our Digital Sorceress




What would our clients be surprised to know about you?

I’m a 1st degree black belt in Karate.   And I’m the only person on earth who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones.… Read On!